CLUB presents: EXHIBITION OPENING – PhIrania PhIrania

















OPENING 17.12.2015 – 7PM

“BiolOgical DYnamics” probes a journey between the time of Chronos and the time of Aeon, between fiction and reality of the body, in which questions of representation are negotiated via the feminine. The majority of the photographs are acts or anti-acts where biology itself becomes a portal to a complex and multi layered bodily realm that will never be finished and fixed.

PhIrania PhIrania uses the medium of photography to study the body, or rather to study what is commonly called the human, female, male body. The permanent insisting on this issue through the visual play means to shift and relativise it, to undermine defined boundaries and categories. With her photographs, PhIrania PhIrania tries to think and express the unseen in the seen, the unthinkable in the intelligible. The project “BiolOgical DYnamics” is conceived as a platform to show that the “female” body is nothing that is universal or homogenous.

The photographs included in this series show the specific contexts, the specific backgrounds of feminisms and queerness, they elaborate on their plurality and singularity, the differences among each other that need to be discussed. The confrontation with PhIrania PhIranias visual thought experiments will give the public an opportunity to reflect on bodily becomings.

PhIrania PhIrania is a photographer based in Berlin and Paris. Up to now she has worked with abnormal gallery Berlin/Posnan and Giddyheft/Jungsheft from Germany. Her works were exhibited at Dirty Show in Detroit (2010 and 2011), The Arch Gallery in London (2014), La Mutinerie in Paris (2014/2015) and at the Fringe Art and Film Fest in London (2015). Phirania Phirania is also curator of the queer-feminist experimental film cycle Attaque(e)r le visible at La Mutinerie in Paris.

Curation & Poster Design – Stef Morgner 


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