The Silence Project is an initiative created by the Finnish artist Nina Backman that aims to bring together the world of freely-operating artists with cultural and social entities in order to study, share and experiment with the cornerstone concept of Silence in relation to new urban realities. The exhibition Silent Space Intensified Integrities is a first reflection on the Silence Project’s notions.

The Silence Meal is a performative dining experience and an integral part of the Silence Project and its corresponding ongoing exhibition programme. Guests at a Silence Meal are seated at a long dinner table in a quiet room and are provided with a meal that is then held in silence.

My Silence Cities Guide App sets out to create an internationally accessible dialogue around the theme of silence in urban environments. With its interactive function, the App sets out to establish a catalogue of hidden silent oases, ranging from personal to public, including classified areas of silence and calm.

Graphic & Layout Design – Stef Morgner